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Developmental Coach for Working Parents

Having chartered my own journey as a working parent and spent many years coaching and mentoring working parents throughout my career, I'm well aware of what it means to navigate competing work-family demands and the undeniable importance of role-modelling in growing resilient kids.

Every parent has unlimited potential to create a thriving future for themselves and their kids.  Parent's are our most influential leaders and vital to the well-being and resilience of our future generation.


That's why at Parents Leading, we fully support and empower parents to thrive in family and work. Parents working with us move from reactive survivor to resourceful thriver, becoming role models that grow resilient, thriving kids.




Return-to-Work Accelerator

Successfully navigate competing work-family demands by fully supporting the return-to-work transition.


Parents Leading Program

For parents wanting to move from just surviving to thriving in family, work and relationships



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Professional Coaching for Leaders and Working Parents

Develop your potential as a leader in work, family and relationships


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As working parents all of us exist somewhere between survivor and thriver. When you're just surviving, you parent and relate mostly on autopilot.  When you're thriving you lead and parent with awareness and influence, no matter what the situation.  


If you're just surviving as a working parent, you’ll know you're current approach feels chaotic.  Chances are you’d prefer to be a thriver and experience the feeling of certainty and fulfilment that stems from this position.

With renewed clarity, choice and confidence it's absolutely possible to thrive


No matter what level you rate your current situation as a working parent, to improve you have to give yourself permission to do things differently, be aware of what needs to change, and practice with purpose to ultimately parent with awareness, confidence and influence

To ensure you move from just surviving to thriving we provide the expertise, professional coaching and supportive community that will deliver to you the awareness, confidence and results that you truly deserve to thrive.