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10 Mind-shifts For Moving Into Your Growth Zone

Living within our comfort zone is deceptive. While it feels safe, like a soft blanket, a warm bath, a mug of hot chocolate, soothing us, our comfort zone keeps us asleep to our potential. It keeps us mediocre and feeling residual discontent. Why so? Well our natural human tendency is to move towards growth, yet our fear of failure, needing to always succeed, be seen by others a certain way and our need to know and have certainty, has us stuck. Paradoxically, being in our comfort zone has us anticipating fear a lot, which has many of us paralysed by anxiety and procrastination. We are somehow in tune with where we want to go, but our anticipatory fear stops us. Our anticipatory fear is very much a state of mind, driven by past memories, assumptions, and beliefs about the worst of what could happen.

And yet regardless of the context, be it our parenting, leading or relationships, realising our potential by learning and growing from our experiences requires that we move into our fear zone without rejecting our experience. When we do this we start to challenge all those beliefs, assumptions and values that are keeping us safe - whether consciously or unconsciously. Staying with our experience and moving from our fear zone into our learning and growth zone requires a mind-shift. Below are 10 mind-shifts that when adopted will fast-track you into your growth zone...and we all know that 'that's where the magic happens:)'.

Accept Imperfection

Remember that everyone makes mistakes. Being imperfect is part of the human condition. You never signed a contract to be perfect.

Lean Into Challenges

Sometimes the hardest of times helps us grow. Rather than looking at challenges as something you might fail at, try to consider them as opportunities for growth. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Continue To Learn

You are never too old to learn. Approach challenges with curiosity. Ask yourself: what can I learn from this? How can I use this experience to improve myself in the future?

Reframe Failure

Instead of calling something a “failure,” consider key takeaways and learnings from the experience. Reframe from “failure” to “learning opportunity” or “growth opportunity.”

Instead Of Seeking Approval From Others, Seek It From Yourself

Taking ownership of your own experience allows you to be increasingly aware of your self and your opportunities for growth.

Focus On The Process Rather Than Just The Outcome

Remember that learning occurs over time and has bumps and mistakes along the way. So count the small steps and enjoy the ride.

Explore And Celebrate Your Growth With Others

Sharing successes with trusted others can cultivate motivation and restore energy for learning. Share your success with others. Own your progress.

Acknowledge Feedback And Learning Opportunities

Sometimes we get feedback that is not articulated eloquently, yet someone is giving you a learning opportunity, that is actually a positive. Take time to identify the specific learning opportunities and choose what you pay attention to.

Take Time To Reflect

Take time to review and acknowledge your learnings and accomplishments every day.

Incorporate The Word 'Yet' Into Your Vocabulary

This primes the mind for possibility and keeps the brain open. For example: “I don’t now yet how to do this”.

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