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Are You Open To The Possibility Of You?

How often do you impose limits on yourself and others? When we use the language of impossibility - ‘I won’t’, ‘You can’t’, ‘It’s not possible’, we are presupposing there is a rule that constrains us or others from doing something. We close ourselves off to the possibility of us….the potential of us. We impair our ability to take risks, so this language often shows up in times of uncertainty and overwhelm….when we are feeling vulnerable.

As you become aware of when you use the language of impossibility, ask yourself…is the barrier here physical or psychological? What stops me? What am I not giving myself permission to experience here?

Stepping into the language of possibility – ‘You could’, ‘I can’, ‘what’s possible?’ – frees us from constraints and opens us to possibilities. We begin to give ourselves permission to take on others perspectives and challenge our beliefs about what is possible for ourselves and others. We embrace inquiry….we embrace the possibility of us….we step into our potential.

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