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How To Nuture Emotional Awareness in Kids

Our everyday emotional experiences provide a powerful opportunity for connecting, learning and bonding with our kids. Here are three ways your emotional awareness can help cultivate your children’s emotional development

1. Children learn from how you respond to their behaviour, so when you model an emotional yet regulated response, they will mirror that behaviour.

2. By acknowledging emotions you are giving your kids permission to do the same. Showing children that you understand they care deeply about something has them feeling seen – respected. Likewise explaining in a balanced way how you experience their reactions, helps them to understand the cause and effect nature of their behaviour. Feedback without blame e.g. ‘When I hear you say that, I experience sadness.’

3. Apologising when our actions and responses aren’t emotionally mindful, and offering forgiveness, tells our kids that mistakes are ok, that their emotions are seen and that relationships and situations are repairable. This has profound benefits towards developing self-confidence in our children as well as nurturing a family culture of trust and transparency.

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